One Day Women-Only Michigan CPL Class w/Stop The Bleed Training

Our USCCA and NRA women certified instructors will teach proper handling techniques, legal framework for concealed carry, and live-fire range testing.


FREE – $187.50 per person



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NOTE: If you do not have a RocketGrab certificate, please do not select that option when registering for the class.  Only select the RocketGrab if you have previously purchased a RocketGrab certificate and are registering for the CPL course.  Please email if you have questions or issues with the class registration.

This single day training course is for women-only.  Our USCCA and NRA certified women instructors will teach proper handling techniques, legal framework for concealed carry, and conduct live-fire range qualification to meet the state CPL training standards.  Our mission is to build a community of competent shooters of all skill levels and we teach in a welcoming and inclusive environment.  If you have never fired or handled a pistol or if you are an experienced shooter but want to start taking control of your own self-defense, this is the perfect class to start learning.  A CPL is the first step in your self-defense journey.  We teach the basic fundamentals of carrying a concealed weapon to protect yourself and your family in this class.

All materials, personal protection (eyes & ears), firearms, and ammo needed are included in this course fee.

Course includes class work, legal briefing, and live fire exercise. Use of the book during class is included in the course fee.  If you would like to purchase the course book, select the option that includes the book.  We use our safe, indoor smokeless, laser simulation range to introduce firearms and proper handling techniques. Once students feel comfortable with handling the training weapons, instruction moves to a local outdoor live fire outdoor range to complete qualification requirements.

Time: 8 hours total instruction, including class, legal briefing, live fire exercise, and 1 extra hour of personal instruction or topic review. Course will be broken up into instruction and live fire sessions.  Academic and digital range time is the first session to help prepare the students for the 2nd session, the live fire qualification that is needed to meet the state standards.  Included with the class is the Stop The Bleed training to protect your self and your family from life-threatening wounds and lacerations.

Course size is limited to ensure students have as much instructor interaction as possible. 

Our live fire range is outdoors, so please dress accordingly for the weather (bring waterproof boots if it has recently rained or during the winter).

Email for more details.

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ATS-Midland is the premier self-defense training academy in the Midwest. Our instructors have extensive experience and have adapted combat proved techniques for civilian self-defense training. We use a combination of digital range and live fire training events to help students improve their marksmanship, handling skills, and use of force decisions.