Personal Training

Custom courses designed for women, the fastest growing shooter demographic

Individual training based on skill and familiarity levels. Skills are taught in a safe environment free of judgment or condescension. These courses are designed to improve your skills and enjoyment of shooting sports and deliver a superior value experience.

    Novice – no experience, limited familiarity

    Intermediate – some range experience and familiarity with firearms

    Advanced – significant range experience and familiarity with multiple firearm types


Concealed Pistol License

Active response and target selection

Private group training

Corporate Training

  • If your company or organization has a security team, ensuring they all have the same skillset and ability is critical to their ability to respond. Let Applied Training Solutions LLC build a custom training program for your organization. Our instructors have real world experience and have years of rigorous training with globally recognized entities.
  • Our team can evaluate your facility, help build tactics to address numerous types of threats, and then record virtual training scenarios for use with our VST-Pro simulation trainer. We can design complex decision trees based on different types of threats and include both hostiles and friendlies in the training simulation video. Since the video is shot at your facilities, it will add more realistic training for your security team.
  • Email for more details.