Training Simulator

  • Smokeless Range is a development tool for both cognitive skills and marksmanship training. We offer hundreds of real world use of force scenarios and marksmanship training drills across all our different simulators. 
  • Our training weapons utilize two types of laser emitters – red and infrared (IR). The red laser gives you immediate feedback with respect to aim so you can see how you missed the target. The only feedback you receive from the IR training tools is if a hit is recorded by the simulation software. All our IR weapons are recoil-activated so they have a more realistic feel. Since the action cycles after a trigger pull, you need to re-center and aim after every shot.
  • Our instructors will provide the training necessary to build more advanced carry skills, like drawing from a holster, shooting from behind cover, and index shooting.
  • We can also program specific training exercises to meet custom scenario or other bespoke training regimes.
  • Email for more details.