1 Hour 4 Person Private Training, either digital range or live fire sessions

1 hour private training session, 4 person maximum


$50.00 – $100.00 per person


About this experience

Our USCCA Instructors will lead your group in a private training session.  We will design the event to teach new skills or develop existing techniques, including situational awareness, proper handling techniques, legal framework for concealed carry, marksmanship, and open hand self-defense skills.  We use our safe, indoor smokeless, laser simulation range to introduce firearms and proper handling techniques based on the group's training goals.  We also offer private live fire training sessions at our private range to validate skills developed at the ATS digital range. 

Our objective is to deliver a rewarding experience that is both informational and enjoyable.   This class is available as either a digital range training session or a live fire session, with up to 4 people attending. 

Your Host

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ATS-Midland is the premier digital firearms training range in the Midwest. Our instructors have extensive experience and have adapted combat proved techniques for civilian self-defense training. We use a combination of digital range and live fire training events to help students improve their marksmanship, handling skills, and use of force decisions.