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Meet Our instructors:

Jason Bennett 1

R. Jason Bennett, CEO 

Jason is one of the co-founders of Applied Training Solutions (“ATS”) and brings a diverse set of experiences to lead the team. He was deployed in the Middle East as an officer of the West Virginia Army National Guard.  His tour of duty included being part of the security operations for coalition forces as they entered and exited Iraq along the Kuwaiti border. His time in service to the state of West Virginia also allowed him to function as an assistant project planner for National Scout Jamboree, a national gathering of almost 40,000 Boy Scouts that occurs every 4 years in West Virginia.  His diverse leadership roles include being a commanding officer of a field artillery battery as well as serving as a logistics officer. Jason brings a unique skillset to ATS building upon his role providing vulnerability assessments of Department of Defense critical infrastructure.  Prior to his combat deployment, Jason spent 14 years as a first responder Firefighter Paramedic for his local community and taught Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support.
Jason Bennet 2 Jason Bennet 3 
He earned his Bachelor's Degree from Concord University and an MBA from Northwood University Devos Graduate School.  As a civilian, he has held many leadership and sales positions with several national corporations.  He is a USCCA instructor and is certified to teach the entire USCCA curriculum, including: Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals, Women’s Handgun and Self Defense Fundamentals, Countering the Mass Shooter Threat, and Emergency First Aid Fundamentals.  He can be reached at r.jason.bennett@simu-range.com.

About ATS

  • Applied Training Solutions LLC is the Midwest's premier firearms simulator training center. Our certified instructors use the latest training tools from Smokeless Range and Laser Ammo Training Technologies. The high cost and unpredictable supply of training ammunition make live fire training very expensive. The ATS simulation range is a cost effective solution for maintaining and improving your skills.
  • If you need to train for a specific certification, we either offer drills that simulate the certification or can custom program your certification requirements. The range is located inside the Midland Mall and is a safe, indoor, and controlled training environment.
  • All the training weapons are laser based and no live weapons are allowed in the facility. We ask all CPL holders to not carry their personal firearms within the range. We have a variety of pistol and rifle platform training weapons.
  • Applied Training Solutions LLC is also a distributor of Smokeless Range and Laser Ammo Training Technologies products. We offer their entire line of products and can help you or your organization setup a training environment.
  • We also host private events, special events, competitions, and private on-site training where we bring the entire Smokeless Range system to your facility.
  • Email training@simu-range.com for more details or a quote.