Outside Waistband Holster Draw Techniques

Introductory Class


FREE – $15.00 per person



About this experience

The Outside Waistband Holster Draw Techniques class will provide you with an introduction to holsters, safe handling, range safety, and drawing drills.  The following skills will be taught:

  • Safety

  • Situational awareness

  • Range holster versus everyday carry (EDC) holster

  • Stages of drawing a pistol

    • Release retention/upwards move to clear holster

    • Pivot pistol to target

    • Grip connection with support hand

    • Firearm presentation to target

  • Drawing drills to improve proficiency

  • Proficiency check and skills assessment


Your Host

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ATS-Midland is the premier digital firearms training range in the Midwest. Our instructors have extensive experience and have adapted combat proved techniques for civilian self-defense training. We use a combination of digital range and live fire training events to help students improve their marksmanship, handling skills, and use of force decisions.