Carbine To Pistol Transition Class

Students will learn to transition from long gun to pistol after experiencing a malfunction


$175.00 per person



About this experience

Master the Carbine to Pistol Transition with Applied Training Solutions! New live fire class on August 5th.


Ready to level up your firearm skills? Join our exclusive Carbine to Pistol Transition class at Applied Training Solutions. Designed for experienced shooters, this intensive training will enhance your ability to seamlessly transition between carbines and pistols in dynamic situations.


Under the expert guidance of our skilled instructors, you'll learn advanced techniques, tactics, and best practices for efficient and effective transitions. From mastering weapon manipulations to optimizing accuracy and speed, this class will take your shooting proficiency to new heights.


Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your tactical prowess. Enroll now and become a well-rounded and adaptable shooter.

This is an advanced training course that is designed to introduce the fundamentals of transitioning from one weapons platform to another.  You will use our rifle platforms and pistols. 

We will teach you the techniques of experiencing a weapons malfunction while using a long gun to engage a threat, then transitioning to a pistol to continue the engagement.  Once the threat has been dissapated, you will learn how to clear the long gun malfunction and transition back to that weapon. 

You will need appropriate clothing, including closed toed shoes or boots, insect repellent, and water.  ATS will supply the carbine, pistol, holster, and all ammo needed to complete the class.

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ATS-Midland is the premier self-defense training academy in the Midwest. Our instructors have extensive experience and have adapted combat proven techniques for civilian self-defense training. We use a combination of digital range and live fire training events to help students improve their marksmanship, handling skills, and use of force decisions.